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The Gospel Travelers

In the mid 70’s, Cleveland produced a number of young talented, innovative gospel quartet groups. None were more popular or gifted than The Gospel Travelers.

The Gospel Travelers started out as an ensemble of young Christian women and men who were members of the New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. After the ensemble disbanded in 1975, the five remaining young men had a desire to keep singing praises unto the Lord and the rebirth of The Gospel Travelers to quartet music was born.

Unlike their contemporaries that lean more to a guttural Baptist preachy style of singing; The Gospel Travelers created their own unique sound, a blend of traditional and contemporary vocals and music with a Pentecostal feel. “The Travelers” as affectionately known were gifted writers and musicians and believed in creating and performing only original or revamp material.

The popularity of The Travelers thru the years allowed them to be the opening act for such gospel musical greats as: The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Pilgrim Jubilees, The Williams Brothers, The Jackson Southernaires, The Gospel Keynotes, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s and many others. One of the highlights of their careers was being asked to be the opening act for Reverend Al Green for three nights.

After disbanding again for 10 years “The Travelers” will celebrate their 11th anniversary since their reunion in 2009, after the death of their lead singer Deacon Demetrius Moore in a virtual concert on FaceBook at 5:00 PM; Divinity will be their special guest. Today, they are led by Reverend Michael Thompson and Reverend Sonny Banks (the only remaining original members). According to Rev. Banks, “the Lord broke up the fellow ground and began pruning us for a greater work!”   

The Gospel Travelers have released three singles from their upcoming release: “He’s the greatest Friend of All”, “If you just hold out”, and “Bye and Bye”. According to Rev. Thompson, “we use to sing for the fun of it, but now we seek only to minister to the people and prayerfully thru our ministry the people will keep lifted up a bow downed head.” 

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